Services Offered

DOP Testing

Assured Equipment Services is able to provide certified testing of hazardous dust appliances to ensure your equipment is operating at the required and maximum efficiency levels. We use Dispersed Oil Particulate (DOP) filter testing for appliances with a maximum allowed penetration of 0.005%. The test results are verified and recorded on an official Test Certificate that is provided to the customer as proof of testing. The test results are also logged against an appliances' serial number and kept on computerised file by Assured Equipment Services for customer reference purposes. Click here for more information on DOP Testing.


We provide a range of services that can be customised to meet your needs. These include:

  • Environmental Clean: This service is offered for any equipment that requires decontamination where the internal parts of the machine are inaccessible, prohibiting full decontamination. This applies to equipment such as grinders, tile chippers and other power tools.
  • Full Decontamination of hazardous dust equipment such as H Class HEPA Vacuums and Negative Air Units
  • Filter change and general servicing and provision of replacement parts of HEPA approved vacuums, negative pressure/air units, decontamination units and associated respiratory equipment
  • Airflow Testing of appliances to ensure optimum efficiency
  • Respirator Servicing of both full and half face respirators. This includes Inhalation/Exhalation Valve Replacement, Pro Tester Mask Leakage Testing, Visor Replacement, and Harness Replacement.

Please note that ALL appliances will need to be decontaminated in our wet room and visually inspected prior to DOP and Air Flow testing for health and safety purposes.

Service Records & Service Reminders

Once you have your machinery tested or serviced by Assured it will be entered into our customer database. Each service performed by Assured will be permanently recorded in our systems. Information such as your service reports and test certificates will be available in the case that your originals become lost. Upon each service your machine will also be labelled with a Service Record sticker dating the machine's next service due date. We also provide all our customer's service reminders ensuring that your equipment remains safe and efficient for use at all times.

Hazardous Dust / Asbestos Removal Equipment Hire Australia Wide

Assured Equipment Services are able to provide Asbestos Removal Equipment for hire as an option for Asbestos Licensed Contractors only.

Available for hire are asbestos removal vacuums, negative pressure units, roving heads for NPU's, water management systems, pump out boxes and negative pressure monitors. This equipment is available for hire Australia wide, with pick up and delivery options available.

Each machine is fully serviced and tested upon return through our state of the art enclosed environment workshop ensuring that each piece of equipment is then available for rehire in a safely operational state with a DOP test certificate ensuring 99.995% filtration efficiency.

Hiring is a great option for those license holders who require some extra equipment for larger projects where the purchase of a new machine may not be viable.


In the case that you are not able to drop your equipment into our premises directly, Assured Equipment Services are able to provide Australia wide transport of hazardous dust equipment and machinery through Chemcouriers Pty Ltd.

In order to arrange transport with Chemcouriers you will need to contact them via phone and book in a pick up time.

If you do not wish to create your own account with Chemcouriers you are able to place your goods on our Assured Equipment Services account. Please note that we will then pass the freight costs on to you as part of our service. If you would like to obtain a prior quote for transportation on our Assured Equipment Services account you will need to contact us directly as Chemcouriers will not be able to provide this information to you unless you have your own account with Chemcouriers. Please note that only deliveries to our premises at 2/44 Musgrave Rd, Coopers Plains QLD 4108 will be accepted on this account.

For more information on Chemcouriers please download: Download File

Respirator Fit Testing - Face Fit Testing

Please visit the online booking page for more information on respirator fit testing and to book online.

AS/NZS 1715:2009 selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment states that the proper fitting of respiratory protective equipment requires the use of some type of fit test to determine an adequate match between the facepiece of the RPE and face of the wearer.

A respirator fit test should be adopted as a routine when any close fitting RPE is being worn. A facial fit test should be conducted as per below. Before the respirator is issued. This will ensure the choice of respirator is suitable. At least annually or whenever there is a change in the wearer's facial characteristics or other features which may affect the facial seal of the respirator. i.e. Excessive weight gain or loss and major dental work.

We are able to provide in house respirator fit testing in QLD, NSW, ACT and VIC or onsite respirator fit testing Australia wide. We use the Quantitative method using a TSI portacount respirator fit tester which eliminates the guesswork associated with qualitative fit test methods. Passing a Quantitative fit test proves that the respirator is sized correctly and the person is competent in donning the respirator.

Upon passing a fit test the person is issued with a fit test report and printed fit test card which states name, ID number, date of test, next test due, mask tested on and the overall fit factor.

We have a wide variety of respirators from disposable, half face and full face and can conduct a fit test using a respirator from all the leading brands. These include: Sundstrom, Scott Safety, 3M, Moldex, Honeywell, ProChoice and all brands of P2 disposables.


Assured Equipment Services will be holding periodic equipment training sessions for groups of up to ten personel. The topics these sessions will cover are:

  • Machine parts and components
  • The fundamental operation of the most commonly used hazardous dust vacuums and negative air units. If your company uses specific models the training sessions can be customised to suit your training needs.
  • Correct and safe bag changing techniques
  • How to perform visual inspections of HEPA filters and when to perform these inspections
  • Audible and visual alarms of a machine
  • How to eliminate exposure and correctly seal-off a unit for when it is not being used
  • Transportation requirements

To find out more about this service please Contact Us.