DOP Testing

What Is A DOP Test?

A Dispersed Oil Particulate (DOP) test, as mentioned in the Australian Standard IEC 60335.2.69 Section AA.22.201.2, is a cost effective, definitive, factual test used around the world in many mature asbestos removal industries to test an appliance's efficiency.

The test is performed to ensure that there are no leaks in your H.E.P.A filter or in the seals inside your machine, ensuring the 99.995% efficiency requirement. As part of your DOP Test at Assured, we will also be conducting an Airflow Test. This ensures that your H.E.P.A filter and support bags are in good order and not blocked.

Certified Testing

Assured Equipment Services is able to provide certified DOP testing of hazardous dust appliances to ensure your equipment is operating at the required and maximum efficiency levels. The test results are verified and recorded on an official Test Certificate that is provided to the customer as proof of testing. The test results are also logged against an appliances' serial number and kept on computerised file by Assured Equipment Services for customer reference purposes.

Once your machine has been tested it will receive a Test Certificate showing:

  • Filtration Test Results, including the penetration measured during the test;
  • Airflow Test Results, measured in m3/hr.

How Often Is DOP Testing Required?

Assured Equipment Services recommend, in line with European Industry Standards, that all Negative Air/Pressure Units be tested and their HEPA filters inspected on a six monthly basis, regardless of their frequency of use. H Class vacuums we recommend the units be tested and their HEPA filters inspected at least annually in accordance with the Australian Standard. This is to ensure that the machine is in good working order and meeting all the safety requirements of an H-Class appliance.

PLEASE NOTE: Assured Equipment Services only provides servicing for approved customers and approved Nilfisk & Numatic H Class Vacuums. Assured does not offer servicing on L and M Class Vacuums, nor any other brand of H Class Vacuum.